For the availability of quality drugs and food to the people of State, Food and Drug Administration also take action against the traders, who introduced their substandard product in the market and prohibit to develop this culture in the State. The part of this procedure is a sampling, where Food Inspectors are targeted to draw 5 sample and Drugs Inspectors are targeted to draw 4 samples per month for the year 2014-15. The samples of Food and Drugs drawn by the inspectors are analyzed by the Drugs Control Laboratory situated at Mumbai/ Aurangabad. Administrative of legal actions are initiated on the food or drugs which are declared substandard.

(1) Drugs Samples During the period of last 4 years i. e. from 2009-2010 to 2012-2013, 28,521 samples were drawn for test and analysis out this 1848 samples found to be not of standard quality drugs. The percentage of not of standard quality drugsmanufacured by manufacturer in the state is 2-3.77%. The percent of not of standard quality drugs manufactured by manufacture other than state of Maharashtra but drugs sold in Maharashtra State is 7-12%.

From the above figures it is evident that, he quality of drugs manufactured in Maharashtra is of good quality than any other state.

It is expected that, not of standard quality drugs should to be recalled immediately from consumers, retailers and wholesalers to avoid ill effects on health of the patients. Considering the past experience. it was observed that about 2-3, months time was consumed to declare the results of analysis. And there was a possibility of consumption of entire stock of the drugs by the patient. Now this procedure is entirely changed and procedure of declaring the results with 3 days or 15 days (as per the situation) has been started. The procedure of declaring the results of Not of standard quality drugs is also been changed Proviously it was forwarded to concern Drugs Inspector, however from the year 2012-2013 the result of Not of standard quality drugs are forwarded by Government Analyst to all the Drugs Inspectors, Assistant Commissioner, Joing Commissioner, Commissioner, all state Drugs Controllers and also to print and electronic media via email. By following this procedure it is easier to recall the Not of standard quality drugs from the patients and also from the markets. The detail information regarding receipt of samples and their analysis report from Mumbai and Aurangabad Laboratories are as per Drug Table No. 6.

To increase the capacity of analysis of food and drugs samples in the State, and to minimize the time required for the analysis, process is initiated for the expansion of the existing laboratories at Mumbai and Nagpur and establishing new laboratories at Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Thane, Nasik, Amravati is in progress.