The Food and Drug Administration Commissioner has been appointed by the government. On October 31, 1985, the job of Joint Commissioner (Vigilance) was approved to establish the Vigilance Department in the State Office in Mumbai. Following that, a vigilance cell was established under this administration under a Government Resolution dated September 18, 1990. The position of Joint Commissioner is filled by a senior officer in the police administration (Vigilance). The intelligence branch was transferred to the Vigilance Department in 1990. The Vigilance Department is led by the Joint Commissioner (Vigilance). The Assistant Commissioner (Food) for Food and the Assistant Commissioner (Drugs) for Intelligence are his deputies. The administrative officer (vigilance) is in charge of administrative matters. The job is overseen by the Food Safety Officer (Vigilance) under the Assistant Commissioner (Food), and the Drug Inspector (Intelligence) under the Assistant Commissioner (Drugs). Superintendent, Clerk, Clerk Typist, Peon, and Watcher are the administrative officers who report to them.